t f m y v


Orgesa Zaimi              Vocals
Dominique Meyer        Guitars, Bass & Keyboards
Joe Baamil                 Piano & Fender Rhodes
François Torche           Drums
Dragan Bajic               Drums I’m Sorry & The One
Ricky Marx                 Lead Guitar on Every Minute
Jaïlyna                       Background Vocals
Emeline Kakou           Background Vocals

Recorded, Produced & Mixed by domino

Mastered by Joe LaPorta at The Lodge NYC

Drums recorded  @ Axis Studio Geneva. Engineered by Pierre Bader, Xavier Jacquet & Dominique Meyer

All songs Words & Music by Dominique Meyer


Too Bad

Words by D. Meyer Music By Yorgos Benardos

Can’t Get Over You

Words by D. Meyer Music by Yorgos Benardos & D. Meyer

Videos by Hidden Cookie Jar: Stella Subashi, Arber & Sander Marra

Click -> Some of Stella’s work

Album Cover: Concept by Sander Marra, Photo by Armand Habazaj

Photos: Erjola Jaho & Edvina Meta

Special Thanks:

Furch Acoustic Guitars courtesy of George Kozel

Michel Fenwick Guitar and Amp Consultant Extraordinaire

Marcus Fillinger for providing the room and space where most of the recording took place.

Philippe Ducor for lending the Fender Rhodes.